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Since its inception, LES has demonstrated a capacity to improve economic conditions in its target area. The agency is credited with several achievements, especially with the ensuring of public/private sector commitment to area residents. The success is tribute to the collaboration, cooperation, support and resolution of numerous partnerships over the years.

Some of the accomplishments are:

  • Executed agreement with Hollywood, Inc. to initiate construction of a single-family housing development in the Oakwood Hills Subdivision.

  • Development of 196homes in Liberia and 346 in Washington Park an surrounding communities.

  • Developed 56 homes in Oakwood Hills.

  • Over 2600 people place in jobs with a job referral and placement program for unemployed and underemployed, low/moderate income persons.

  • Lots have been acquired under the City of Hollywood’s Vacant Lot Program for housing development. Also lots have been donated by private companies for the expansion of available housing. This project allows LES to build affordable homes for moderate income families who otherwise would not qualify.

  • Has completed street beautification, sod project throughout the community with resident involvement.

  • Has completed commercial/economic development program along J.A. Ely Boulevard.

  • LES has received administrative support grants, amounting to $2.1 million from the State of Florida Department of Community Affairs.