Celebrating 30 Years of Excellence!
Liberia Economic & Social Development, Inc. is a Community Development Corporation(CDC) and a Community Based Organization that provides certain services to low-income children and families to address family needs, such as career counseling, employment training, job retention, affordable housing, food and childcare.

The agency is engaged in improving the overall well being of low-income residents in Dania, Liberia and Washington Park, which are subdivisions of South Florida's City of Hollywood. LES is also engaged in the enhancing and the revitalization of economic conditions in these communities. As such, the agency provides a full service approach to increase available housing, increase employment opportunities, revitalize and promote business and the commercial corridors and improve the general characteristics of the community.

Since its inception in 1981, LES has demonstrated a capacity to improve economic conditions in its target area. The agency is credited with several achievements, especially with the ensuring of public/private sector commitment to area residents. The success is tribute to the collaboration, cooperation, support and resolution of numerous partnerships over the years. Read More



Employ a Community Outreach technician whose duties will be to define the most effective ways to network with residents, establish partnerships to help assist in providing the necessary service and resources. LES will continue to assist all community residents seeking to be homeowners, seeking employment, and improvement of their employment based on their individual needs.



LES is a Community Development Corporation (CDC) and a Community Based Organization (CBO). We are registered 501©3, not-for-profit Organization that was incorporated in 1981.